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Why is smoking in braking?


The working principle of the brake is mainly from frict […]

The working principle of the brake is mainly from friction. The friction between the brake pad and the brake disc (drum) and the tire and the ground will transform the kinetic energy of the vehicle into the heat energy after friction, and stop the car. A good set of efficient braking system must be able to provide a stable enough and can control the braking force, and has good hydraulic transmission and heat capacity, to ensure that the driver from the brake pedal force exerted by the full and effective to the general pump and the pump, and avoid high fever caused by hydraulic failure and brake recession.
The brake pad's formula contains about 20% organic matter. When the temperature is too high, it will decompose and smoke, and form an oily substance on the brake surface, which will affect the brake effect. The possible reasons for this phenomenon are: frequent braking on downhill, causing excessive temperature and smoking. The organic content of the brake friction disc is not qualified, exceeding the standard.

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