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What You Should Know About Brake Motor


In general, the brake used to reduce the speed of the v […]

In general, the brake used to reduce the speed of the vehicle or make it completely stop the friction. In order to make it possible, a specially designed friction material, known as a Brake Motor pad, is mounted or placed on the brake member, referred to as a caliper, to mechanically apply the gasket to the friction surface, Rotor.

However, due to the use of this friction, will produce a lot of heat. The greater the heat, the more difficult the brake. Therefore, it is necessary to solve this problem as much as possible.

Performance brake rotor material and durability:

Brake rotors are usually made of cast iron. However, in order to solve the hot problem, some performance brake rotor materials have now been introduced accordingly, such as carbon, ceramics and other composites, in order to enhance the durability.

However, it must be pointed out that reliability, efficiency or durability will depend on the type of drive or the specific use of the selected brake rotor.

Various performance brake rotors:

There are two main types of performance rotors. The first is the slotted rotor, the second is the cross drill rotor.

The slotted rotor is mainly used by racers and those who press the brakes, such as traction, occasionally, street use. This is because the slotted design of the water is much faster, making it very suitable for wet weather and waterproof brakes. This type of rotor also provides more bite for each application of the brakes. However, it must be noted that this slotted rotor is often much faster than other types of rotor wear brake discs.

On the other hand, the cross-drilled rotor is a well-behaved brake that can be used for street use and conventional driving without the need for a lot of brakes. In addition, its perforated design will greatly speed up the heat - providing a higher coefficient of friction. However, it is also because of its design, it tends to crack, break or devalue faster pace, especially when the brakes are used extensively on a constant basis.

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