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What Is the Brake Shoe?


Brake shoe commonly known as brake pads, brake shoe ref […]

Brake shoe commonly known as brake pads, brake shoe refers to the action of the brake cam or the push rod being pushed toward the outside press brake muster brake function parts, the shape of the half moon.

1. Under normal driving conditions every 5000 km of brake shoe to check again, not only to check the remaining thickness, but also check the shoe wear condition, the wear degree on both sides is the same, whether to freely return, abnormal situation found must be addressed immediately.

2. Brake shoe usually have iron lining plate and friction material two parts, must not wait for friction materials, parts are worn out before replacing the hoof. For example, Jetta's front brake shoe, the new film thickness of 14 mm, and the replacement of the limit thickness of 7 mm, including 3 mm more iron liner thickness and nearly 4 mm of friction material thickness. Some vehicles have the brake shoe alarm function, and once it reaches the limit of wear, the instrument will alarm the replacement of the hoof. When the limit is reached, the shoes must be replaced. Even if they are used for some time, the braking effect will be reduced, and the safety of driving will be affected.

3. Replace the spare parts supplied by the spare parts of the factory, only in this way can the braking effect between the brake disc and the brake disc be the best, and the wear is minimal.

4. Replacement of the brake pads must be carried out with special tools. Do not use a crowbar hard pressed back, so easy to cause the brake caliper guide screw bending, so that the brake clamp.

5. After the replacement, must walk a few feet to eliminate brake hoof clearance sheet and a brake disc, causing the first foot brake, prone to accidents.

6. After the replacement of brake shoes, need to run 200 kilometers in order to achieve the best braking effect, the newly changed shoes must be careful driving.

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