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What is the brake kit?


The purchase of a complete hardware brake kit will prov […]

The purchase of a complete hardware brake kit will provide you with all the brake systems you need in order. The brake system consists of many components, and the whole system can be described as a safety component in a vehicle.

The complete brake kit includes the following:

Brake disc: also called rotor. The disk is a brake that uses a caliper to press a pair of gaskets against the disc to produce friction that slows the vehicle down. Disks are usually made of cast iron, but in some cases may be made of composite materials, such as reinforced carbon or ceramic matrix composites.

Brake pads or shoes: heating the brake pads by contacting the rotor will transfer a small amount of friction material to the disc. The brake pads, together with the discs, provide the friction that stops the car. Brake pads are also called friction linings. Some cars work with the front brake pads and the rear brake pads, while others can only be used for front and rear brakes. The utility model relates to a steel backboard with a friction material, and the surface of which is facing a disc brake rotor.

Brake caliper: the caliper is part of the disc brake system. A car can have 2 or 4 calipers. All four tires on the rotor, the car will automatically have four calipers, when the car has two rotors and two drums, the front of the car will have two calipers. These calipers absorb a lot of heat from the braking system. Over time, this heat can damage or weaken the seal in the caliper, but you can also change the caliper when you change the brake system of the vehicle.

Brake line: the pipe that carries the brake fluid between the components. These lines are one of the most important brake components in the power pedal action on the brake line of the vehicle.

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