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What is drum brake?


   Drum brake is the brake drum and tire fixed and rota […]

   Drum brake is the brake drum and tire fixed and rotate at the same speed, the brake pads are fixed on the axle. When we brake the brake oil brake oil brake shoe brake pads (BrakeShoes) contact the inner edge of the brake drum, friction generated by the contact to control the tire rotation in order to achieve the purpose of braking. Drum brake by the brake floor, brake cylinders, brake shoes and other related links, springs, tip nails, brake drums and other accessories formed. Mainly appeared in the rear of some small cars. Drum brake lower cost, absolute braking force higher, but its higher wear rate, so while the overall cost is higher.
Brake  pads how many kilometers change
Now drum brake  shoe clearance is self-adjusting, usually do not pay too much attention to disassemble it, according to the number of kilometers and driving habits (that is, the number of brakes), usually 60,000 km apart to check , The shoe thickness of less than 0.5 mm will be replaced, if the rivet is fixed, it must be exposed before the rivets replaced, otherwise it will draw a brake drum linear pull marks, ranging from the need to change the drum was heavy on the new .
The same is true of adhesive bonding. As for blowing does not blow no basis. Due to the drum seal is relatively good dust and water can not be discharged will have a certain impact on the brake, but generally do not feel, a row of foot brake to be solved.
We recommend that you check and maintain your drum brakes every 20,000 km to ensure that the performance and life of drum brakes are extended.
Drum brake advantages:
1, automatic braking effect, the brake system can use a lower hydraulic pressure, or use a much smaller diameter than the brake disc brake drum.
2, hand brake mechanism easy to install. Some rear-wheel drive disc brakes, the brake disc in the center part of the installation of drum brake handbrake body.
3, parts processing and composition is relatively simple, while a relatively low manufacturing costs.

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