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What causes brake noise


Every time you drive or brakes will be issued a differe […]

Every time you drive or brakes will be issued a different sound, will give us the inconvenience of driving at the same time, sometimes facing an embarrassing situation. Do you know the reason for the abnormal sound of brake pads? Here to explain to you.
Brake abnormal sound main reasons are the following:
1, the run-in period of the new car Brake pads running-in is also a very important part of the general are running a few hundred kilometers later, will feel the brakes will be more comfortable;
2, the new replacement brake pads also need to run through with the old disk excellent combination, just put on, you will feel the brake is hard, usually also need to open a few hundred kilometers after running in to feel better;
3, the vehicle driving, there may be a very small sand into the middle of the film and disk, and sometimes due to friction, abnormal sound, which generally do not need maintenance, running a small grain of sand out on the All right;
4, there is no good run-in and abnormal noise, the owner simply ran up the brakes, so you can run in a short time brakes, but this will make the brake pads wear more powerful, that is equal to reducing the brake pads Life, therefore, it is recommended to run for a period of time to observe, do not go to artificially wear brake pads;
5, the fixed disc brake disc is missing or damaged, can also cause brake abnormal sound;
6, brake system failure, which requires inspection and maintenance of.

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