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What are the characteristics of the disc brake?


With one foot brake, the booster pump will magnify the […]

With one foot brake, the booster pump will magnify the motion of your foot and push the brake fluid in the master cylinder. The force is transmitted to the piston in the caliper through the tubing. The brake disc is then clamped by the brake pad to slow down the vehicle.

This set of the most simple hydraulic transmission principle actually bears the most important role in safe driving and is even called the "part of the most undisciplined". But before refitting, you must also understand the basics of some braking systems.

When the brake is applied to the brake, the brake master cylinder's oil passes through the tubing and fills the inner chamber of the left and right sides of the caliper, so that the piston pushes the brake shoe to clamp the rotating brake disc, causing friction and deceleration. The drum brake also needs to transmit the oil force to the pistons on both sides of the wheel cylinder. The piston pushes and presses the brake shoes on both sides and causes friction with the inner wall of the brake drum to decelerate.

All in all, the disc brake has the characteristics of fast heat dissipation, light weight, rapid braking, and easy adjustment. It also has good high temperature performance under high load, stable braking effect, and less influence by external environmental factors. However, disc brakes have their disadvantages. First, the manufacturing cost is significantly higher than that of a drum brake. In addition, durability is not as good as a drum brake.

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