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Warped Brake Disk Vibration and Solution


How to prevent brake vibration/shudder? There is only o […]

How to prevent brake vibration/shudder?

There is only one way to prevent this from happening on the mat and the disc, and use the correct pad to drive your way and state. All high-performance market discs and mats should be installed and disconnected at the same time.

Do not worry that the brakes in the program are also discs that will relieve the residual layer from the casting process to any residual thermal stress (thermal stress on all discs should be used as the final manufacturing process and mitigation). If possible, the new disc should use the same compound that will be used to advance the liner.

The heat should be gradually put into the system, more and more difficult to stop between the cooling time. Part of the idea is to avoid prolonged exposure to PAD and discs. As the polishing pad, when the friction surface to achieve uniform blue, the disc can be considered layered. With carbon metal mats, bedding is complete when the friction surface of the disc is consistent with gray or black. In any case, a completely broken disc discoloration will be complete and uniform.

How to fix brake disk vibration?

The most obvious question now is: Is there a "cure" for discs with uneven friction material? The answer is conditional. Simply installing a very good "semi-metal" pad and using them (after bedding) can well remove the precipitate and make the system back to normal working but after the upgraded gasket. If only a small amount of material is transferred, if the vibration has just begun, scrub with garnet paper to remove the sediment. When many deposits are not visible, thoroughly scrub the entire friction surface. Do not use ordinary sandpaper or emery cloth, because the alumina abrasive will penetrate the surface of the cast iron, the situation becomes worse. Do not blasting or sandblasting for the same reason.

Taking some time to properly set up your Brake Disk will bring a lot of money, but, as most of the mistakes, repeat the cause of trouble will make it immediately back to normal.

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