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Understanding Some Facts about Brake Rotors


Making use of performance brake rotors is very importan […]

Making use of performance brake rotors is very important for those who are looking to have efficient and stress-free driving. And this is why every car owner must ensure that he/she is using the right type of brake rotors for the specific type of vehicle. So, what are these so-called performance brake rotors? Here are some facts and information about the subject that you might want to know.

Before proceeding, it would be helpful if one understood what brake rotors are for, and how they actually function. Brake rotors are essential components of a braking system which enable the decreasing of the speed of a vehicle or in order to put it to a full stop. This is done through the use of friction, wherein the brake pads clamp down on the surface of the brake disc or rotor in order to activate the brake system's function accordingly.

It must be noted, however, that because of this use of friction, the formation of heat normally occurs. However, too much heat may and will lead to some problems with braking, such as brake fade and other problems related thereto. Hence, it can be gleaned that there is the strong need to make sure that one uses the right brake rotors for the specific type of vehicle that one may be using. Otherwise, it may lead to some worse problems in the end.

In general, brake rotors or discs have been specifically designed to dissipate heat according to the specific use and condition that the braking system is constantly exposed to. And since there are different styles, uses, and kinds of driving, using the right type of rotors is advisable.

Here are the two main types of brake rotors, namely, slotted rotor and cross-drill rotor.

Slotted Rotors: This type is usually the one which is most preferred by high performance drivers, such those who normally use their vehicles for racing, towing and other purposes which tend to apply heavy pressure on brakes when in use.

The main reason why these rotors are preferred by these types of drivers is because of its slotted design, which provides greater stopping power and serves to dispel heat, gas, water and other debris through the slots that have been carefully carved in the discs, thereby providing it with the functionality that it needs.

However, it is worthy to note that though these slotted rotors are very durable, they have the tendency to cause quick depreciation and wearing-down of brake pads.

Cross-Drilled Rotors: This type of rotors, on the other hand, have been designed with holes drilled in them, for the purpose of releasing heat, water, gas and other debris at a much quicker pace.

However, it is also because of this design that its stopping power is considerably lower than that of the slotted variety. This is in light of the fact that its holed design will mean a lesser surface area for brake pads to clamp on to.

In addition, although both slotted and cross drilled brake rotors can be used for street use, the latter may be considered as more economical, considering that it does not cause brake pads to wear easily. But then again, everything will depend on the driver's use or preference.

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