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The Steps Of Removing The Motorcycle Brake Pads


Brake system plays a very important role in the motorcy […]

Brake system plays a very important role in the motorcycle, which accident you need to pay attention to the situation of motorcycle brake pads, so your brake shoe thickness of less than 2mm, you should be prepared to replace it, although some friends think that the brake shoes left a little bit enough. But the intense control, in fact, such a brake force has been affected.

First of all, the first step to remove the caliper, if it is a single single piston, you need to prepare a large word screwdriver, the fixed brake pads pulled out. Now basically use the bolt or shrapnel fixed motorcycle brake pads. Open the brake pads, the first do not worry about it, to check the motorcycle brake pads wear is not very uniform. Assuming there are uneven wear and tear (there is a thin side, the other side of the thick case), you should check whether the piston is stuck, because the piston movement will cause uneven wear on the brake shoe, which shows your caliper should be maintained.

After the motorcycle brake pads are removed, the parts of the caliper should be cleaned and the parts that should not be seen on the caliper, such as the brake dust, most of the knights feel the moisture in the air, because the dust adsorbs water vapor, Of the oil seal, and then into the entire closed brake system inside, but in fact not always, dust and moisture and sand combination, will become a kind of gelatinous material, attached to the surface of the piston, let it slide more smoothly.

Since the cleaning of the piston, of course, the surface of the piston exposed the more the better, slowly press the brake a few times, you can completely withdraw from the inside of the caliper, but the premise is to take a piece of things against the piston, to avoid the piston completely pop Calipers, will cause a chaos, leaving enough space to use a toothbrush to clean the piston on it. Try to use organic cleaning agents to avoid the use of corrosive cleaning agents, so as not to hurt the piston O-ring, this will increase the piston too much friction. Wait for you to repair the work done, fitted with your motorcycle brake pads, and then try to run together.

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