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The Rust of Brake Rotors


When you push the brake pedal, when you hear low grindi […]

When you push the brake pedal, when you hear low grinding noise, your rotor starts to deteriorate. When the brake rotor is deteriorated, this sound can be increased to loud grinding sound. When the brake pedal is worn and the metal screws rub the rotor, the noise starts. Sometimes you can hear a lower grinding noise even if you do not press the brake pedal, and the noise rises when you step on the pedal. Once you push the brake pedal, when it starts grinding, your car will suddenly stop, rather than smooth stop. The screw on the worn brake pedal is pushed into the rotor and it appears that the emergency brake is open.

In addition to the above problems with the brake rotor, it will cause rust. The brake rotor is a cast iron disc that is fixed to the wheel bearing hub assembly. It rotates with the wheel and produces a braking action when the rotor is pressed between the brake pads to slow down the wheel. Because the rotor is cast iron, it will rust, this rust will accelerate under certain conditions.

Cast iron will rust in a humid environment, brake rotor is no exception. The rust will occur on the entire rotor, but the friction will rub against the surface of the friction surface, so it is usually only seen in the outer edge of the disk and the inner surface to see rust. The rotor will rust in the damp weather. Salt will accelerate the rust of cast iron. Salt can be found in the sea air, often in the cold weather as a deicing machine used in the road. When these conditions are met, the brake rotor will show more corrosion.

Different sizes of brake rotors are available. Lower quality rotors are usually rusty due to poor quality of iron used in production. Rust will spread more quickly in established areas. If the rotor is heavily recessed, the rust will form a depth in the pit where the braking action can not be erased. Then, the rust will grow rapidly from these areas.

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