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The Procedure for Installing the Brake Rotors


If you plan to replace or upgrade the brake rotors your […]

If you plan to replace or upgrade the brake rotors yourself, you need to know the correct installation procedure. Not only a detailed overview, we will provide some of the steps for the installation of the brake rotor here. In this regard, you still have to rely on the integrity of the brake rotors itself to actually improve the braking performance.

Before starting to replace or upgrade the brake rotors, make sure your vehicle is in a stable position so that you can safely exchange the brake rotor. This includes placing some of the blocks under the wheels, fixing the wheels, setting the parking brakes, and placing the vehicles in gears or parking positions, depending on the type of drive you have. Before removing the tires, loosen the wheel nuts in advance.

Once the wheel nut is loose, use the appropriate size jack to lift the vehicle. Make sure the jack is firmly underneath the frame and do not rise at the bottom of the vehicle. When the vehicle leaves the ground, you can now use the caliper. To remove the caliper, you need to remove the two bolts that secure it in place. The next operation to brake the rotor is to remove the caliper bracket. Like calipers, in most cases they are fixed with two bolts. The size of these bolts will vary.

Now you can see the brake rotors completely, and you can remove it by removing or removing the clip that holds it in place. If these fasteners are removed from the rotor, the rotor remains glued to the hub and the rotor is closed using a rubber hammer. If it is found that the rotor has an empty threaded hole, you can use this instead of a hammer to let the rotor leave the hub. If you can find the bolt size for the threaded socket, the bolt will be the wedge you need to turn off the rotor. Now you are finally ready to install your new rotor.

The directional rotors must be mounted on the correct side of the vehicle to run in accordance with the design, so if so, make sure to find a left or right mark on the back of the rotor. As with the installation of a new brake pad, the appropriate brake pad-in procedure must be completed when installing a new brake rotor. Because the brake pad material must be evenly distributed on the rotor so that the rotor reaches the maximum level of friction.


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