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The Performance of the Current Brake Rotor


Having the right Brake pads is safe and effective drivi […]

Having the right Brake pads is safe and effective driving the basic and original parts. After all, your car's brakes are indicating how you can smoothly reduce the speed, or how you can stop it completely without any failure.

Brakes and brake rotors are very important parts of the brake. Typically, the brake involves friction to reduce the speed of the vehicle or to completely stop it. In order to achieve this, a specially designed friction material, called a brake pad, is mounted or placed on a brake member called a caliper, mechanically pushing the gasket to the friction surface, i.e., the brake rotor.

However, due to this friction, will produce a lot of heat. The greater the heat, the lower the braking efficiency. So that the brake rotor has a thermal performance is more critical. The brake rotor is usually made of cast iron. However, in order to solve the heat problem, in order to enhance the durability, some materials for performance rotors, such as carbon, ceramics and other composites, have now been introduced.

There are two main types of performance rotors. The first is the slotted rotor, and the second is the cross drill rotor. Slotted rotors are mainly used by racing drivers and vehicles that use brakes in large quantities, such as trailers, and sometimes for street use. This is because its slotted design clears the water more quickly, making it ideal for wet weather and to prevent sluice brakes. On the other hand, the cross drill bit is a performance brake that can be perfectly applied to street use and conventional driving without the need for a lot of brakes. In addition, its hole design will be faster to eliminate heat, to provide a higher coefficient of friction.

At present, new technology has also been introduced that combines the performance of the rotor slotted and crossed borehole design. But it is always advisable to consider the specific use of them before deciding to use them.

The brake rotor may be corroded, worn, warped and grooved. A brake pulsation, especially at high speeds, is a good indicator that the rotors may have to be changed. It is not uncommon for the brake rotor to undergo corrosion and to replace it before the brake pads.

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