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The Introduction of Brake Disk


A brake is a component in a braking system to create a […]

A brake is a component in a braking system to create a braking force that hinders vehicle movement or movement. In addition to a variety of slow brake devices, almost all the use of fixed components and rotating parts of the working surface friction to produce brake torque friction brake. There are two typical types of brakes: disk brakes and drum brakes. Disk brakes are usually found on the front of your car, with drum brakes usually found in the back. The difference between them is that the rotating element in the drum brake friction pair is a brake drum and its cylindrical surface is the working surface. The rotating element in the disc brake friction plate is a disc-shaped brake disc, For the working surface.

Brake discs are friction brackets for disc brakes, and should have as high as possible and stable friction coefficients, as well as appropriate wear resistance, heat resistance, heat dissipation, and heat dissipation, in addition to the strength and rigidity required as a component And heat capacity. Because the brake disc is not only subjected to a large amount of normal force and tangential force applied by the brake block, it also receives a much higher heat load than the brake drum. The maximum temperature of the brake disc can reach 800 ° C. May warp, resulting in friction noise and scratches.

The Brake pads has many advantages. For example, the performance of the water after the reduction of less, and only one or two braking can be restored to normal. In the case of the same output braking torque, the size and mass are smaller than the drum brakes. The amount of thermal expansion of the brake disc in the thickness direction is extremely small, and the brake pedal stroke is not increased as the brake drum does not increase significantly.

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