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The Important of Brake Shoes


Braking system is the most crucial part of any automoti […]

Braking system is the most crucial part of any automotive application, specially so in the Heavy Duty Trucks & Trailers or Buses. For Heavy Duty Trucks and Trailers the Casted Brake Shoes are used, as they have the required strength to undergo the kind of pressure exerted in applying brakes to a vehicle loaded with 80 to 100 tonne load. These Brake Shoes have to bear a high friction level and the resulting heat generated in the process. For light duty vehicles the Fabricated Brake Shoes can be used. Both these kind of Brake Shoes are lined with Brake Linings.

Brake shoes are an integral part of the braking system of a motor vehicle. When a driver steps on the brake, the brake shoe is the mechanical part that he or she is ultimately controlling to bring the car to a stop. The backing of a brake shoe is a metal part, but the area that actually comes in contact with the brake is padded to provide friction to stop the car without damaging the brake itself.

Understanding the need for automotive brakes is not a difficult concept and I'm sure we can all conjure up a gruesome, horrifying picture of what could happen if our car did not have brakes, or worse, if those brakes failed when we least expected it. Most of us, however, have a limited understanding of is happening when we step on the brake pedal, and therefore, we are even more clueless as to what our mechanic is saying when he's telling us that our rotors need turning - or worse, that they need to be replaced.

The friction with which the Brake pads stop the car causes the friction material on the brake shoes to wear. At first the wear can be taken up by adjustment, but when the friction material is two-thirds worn, they must be replaced.

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