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The harm of shoddy brake pads


Do not buy fake and shoddy products everyone knows, but […]

Do not buy fake and shoddy products everyone knows, but it seems the market share of fake and shoddy brake pads is not low, some people may believe that the streets do not fly fast shop, some people may just want to cheap, With the most is not weary it, as early as possible on it, the result is harmful to others. Then fake and shoddy brakes specific to the harm, then what is it?
1  no formal packaging of three non-product, without any quality and after-sales protection;
2  friction material cut corners, or directly the regular manufacturers of waste gas scrap the second use, easy due to material collapse, the rapid thermal attenuation caused by brake failure;
3  small workshops of the process and quality control capacity is limited, with the batch of products will produce partial wear, backplane fracture and other different situations, the safety of traffic accidents;
4  at a lower price to disrupt the market order, after the accident insurance companies do not claim, harm others.

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