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Something You Should Know About Brake Pads


The brakes are undoubtedly the most important part of y […]

The brakes are undoubtedly the most important part of your vehicle. In repairing the brake, it is good sense to select the best brake pads Brake pads have many mixtures, regulations and standards by which brake pads are coded and made.

One way to make sure you have the best brake pads is to look at the FMSI friction level code, a common rating method for brake pads, which is now used around the world. The classification system uses letters to indicate the nominal friction coefficient of the brake, from E to H. The best pad is a pad with a higher letter grade.

In the motorcycle industry, all brakes have G or H friction codes, but in the automotive field, the best pads usually have a G level signal and will not become higher. This does not mean that these have E class or F class letters are bad, but the results letter is a special reason, as a guide for consumers to buy the best. If you have a car with a E or F brake pad and use a G actuator to switch a pad, you will no doubt feel a slightly stronger brake, especially for the first time.

Class letters can be found on the back, usually with two brake letters, such as GF or FF or EE. The first letter indicates the rated friction level when the brake is cold, and the second letter indicates the braking effect when the brake is expected to warm.

So, to choose the best brake pad, ask your supplier to afford friction code. And compare it with the friction code in your car. In the United States, many vendors are still cheap imports of brake brake using E or F grade, for the European vehicle sales of these pads, when all 90% vehicles in Europe are using GG or GF compounds. This simply reduces the sense of braking on your car, which is not a wise move, so, especially for European car brakes, stick to grade letters to make sure you have the best vehicles.

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