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Some Reasons about Brake Pads are Worn


Brake pads are part of the car brake system, in fact, n […]

Brake pads are part of the car brake system, in fact, need to overcome the friction required to stop the car. In a disc brake system, the brake pedal actuates a hydraulic line that presses the caliper against the rotor of the car tire. The mat is positioned between the caliper and the rotor to absorb energy and heat, and then provides sufficient grip to stop the car.

We do analogies on bicycles. The handle of a cyclist is like a car's brake pedal. When the rider squeezes the handle, the cable pulls two hinges (called calipers) together. The caliper itself does not touch the rim of the tire, but two rubber pieces do. These rubber shoes work much like car brakes. The metal rim of the tire is essentially a rotor. The friction between the pad and the rotor is the key to stopping in the disc brake system. However, in the end, the bike's rubber shoes and the car's brake pads will wear and seriously damage the operator's safety.

There are many different factors that can be checked when selecting brake pads. Semi-metal mats may tend to wear slowly, although they may produce excessive noise and heat, which may cause the brake rotor to deform or even cause them to wear out prematurely. Organic brakes may be quieter, but tend to wear quickly and produce large amounts of dust. Asbestos can provide excellent braking performance, although in some places it may be possible to prohibit the use of potentially hazardous materials. Ceramics usually provide good noise suppression, good heat dissipation, and no rapid wear.

Brakes usually have built-in special gasket, deliberately wear noise when grinding to remind the driver to replace as soon as possible. There are, of course, many other factors that may affect braking performance, such as proper lubrication and gasket mounting, because excessive wear of the brake may also be due to poor lubrication or malfunction.

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