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"Semi-metallic" mixture of brake pads


As vehicle manufacturers and suppliers of brake materia […]

As vehicle manufacturers and suppliers of brake materials decided to develop new, safer "asbestos" brake pad alternatives, two new types of friction materials, as we will see below, came into play, with the exception of "half Metal "material mixture of brake pads, the use of such brakes a small number of vehicles, the key is cheap and wear-resistant.
"Semi-metallic" brake pads are mainly made of coarse steel wool for use as a reinforcing fiber and as an important mixture. From the appearance, we can see very fine steel wool fiber and particle structure, which makes it very easy to distinguish this brake pad. And because of the different materials, "semi-metallic" brake pads have better temperature control than asbestos brake pads, withstand higher brake temperatures and are more durable.
However, "semi-metallic" brake pads also have their own inevitable weaknesses, due to the high internal metal content of the brake pads, high strength, brake pads friction will be asbestos brake pads smaller, the vehicle needs to be higher The braking force to complete the same braking effect. In the "iron touch iron" brake process, with the same brake disc and brake metal contact will bring greater noise and relative wear and tear.
Another problem that can not be ignored is that the excessively high thermal conductivity of the "semi-metallic" brake pads, which allows them to withstand higher braking temperatures, is transmitted to the brake calipers and Other metal components, leading to brake fluid to accelerate the acceleration of boiling to reduce the braking effect, brake calipers, piston seals and return spring will accelerate the aging.

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