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Self rescue method of brake failure


Brake failure at high speeds Although the probability o […]

Brake failure at high speeds Although the probability of occurrence in daily traffic is very small, but if you encounter improper handling will cause very serious consequences, so ahead of time to grasp some emergency braking measures is necessary. There are three main causes of brake failure:
1. The lack of necessary maintenance of the brake system, the brake cylinder in the excess of impurities, sealing lax, vacuum pump failure, brake oil is dirty or mixed with several brake oil after the use of heat resistance, brake master cylinder or pump Oil leakage, gas tank or pipe interface leak.
2. due to improper operation caused by mechanical failure, such as prolonged downhill will make the brake pads friction heat, brake hub carbonization, brake function completely disabled.
3. Due to severe overload, under the action of gravity acceleration, increased vehicle inertia, directly lead to brake failure.
Hand brake
Brake failure, the brake can be used to brake, the correct way is to slowly pull the handbrake, several times to tighten, release, tighten, loosen the way to slow down the vehicle to stop. It should be noted that the handle of the brake when the handle to press the hand brake handle the insurance button, so that the hand brake handle in the tightening, relaxation process to operate freely, to prevent tension when the hand brake lock.
Reduction brake
Manual car can also be forced down by slow down the parking, the specific approach is directly into the 2 block, and then release the throttle lift clutch, then the vehicle will have a brakes like feeling, and then wait for an opportunity to hang in a block, then you can put The door is turned off and the vehicle is parked by the action of the engine cylinder compression.
If it is in some downhill and other dangerous sections of the brake failure, in order to prevent further expansion of danger, if necessary, the use of roadside mud mud, haystack, road ditch, woods, rocks and other obstacles to the vehicle resistance and parking.
Emergency self - help measures
1. Seat belts can prevent the rider from rushing to the windshield during emergency braking. If the seat belt is best not to try to hold against the collision, it may be more serious than the natural injury, because the slowdown is more suddenly The In the moment of reverse collision should be as far as possible away from the steering wheel, arms folder chest, hand Baotou.
2. According to the relevant data to prove that the co-pilot position is the most dangerous seat, if sitting here, first of all to hold the head lying on the seat, or both hands fist, with the wrist to protect the forehead, while bent to lift the knee to protect the abdomen And chest.
3. The best way to protect the back seat is to quickly move forward one foot, top in front of the back of the chair, and elbow in the chest, his hands open, protect the head and face, back after the very pressure in the chair on.
4. Here we have to emphasize that in the event of a car accident or emergency braking to quickly push forward with both hands to push the hand or back, feet before and after a force to push forward, so that the impact force consumption, buffer The speed of the body forward, so as to reduce the degree of damage. When the collision should not cry, should be closed lips, bite the teeth, so as not to break the tongue when the collision. The collision of the car is very likely to occur, so the impact of a stop, everyone should try to leave the car as soon as possible.

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