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Replace the principle of the brake pads


When replacing the brake pads, it is best to use high-p […]

When replacing the brake pads, it is best to use high-performance brakes, although the price is much higher than the economical brake pads, but the material is much better, longer life, of course, much more secure, so a moment The high skill will certainly be in exchange for more returns.
Need to remind the owner is: the replacement of the brake pads as much as possible with the old brake pads have the same material, of course, if you can do a new brake material than the original material level is better. Replacement of different materials of the brake pads only by following the following two principles in order to ensure its safety.
1, try not to use NAO materials to replace the semi-metallic materials, brake pads.
2, NAO material replaceable asbestos material brakes.
Replace the cycle of the brake pads
Brake plate replacement cycle is often based on the operation of the vehicle, the type of vehicle, vehicle weight, the type of brake pads and other specific circumstances. For example, the actual life of the situation is often: a brake pad in a car can use 50000 or 60000km, and in another car may only use 25000km must be replaced. The frequency of parking on the road is an important factor. Generally speaking, the replacement period of a brake car on a long road in a city road is significantly shorter than that of a vehicle traveling on a long road in a long way. In the flat road on the short, the truck is shorter than the replacement cycle of light. Therefore, in fact, no "authority" can say how long the brake pads can be used in the end, only one thing can be sure - to always check the wear of the brake pads.

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