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Replace the brake pads


Usually in the following cases, the brake pads must be […]

Usually in the following cases, the brake pads must be replaced.
1. The thickness of the brake pads is less than the minimum permissible standard allowed on the vehicle manual;
2. Wear the brake pads to touch the brake disc when the alarm (including computer alarm or metal friction harsh);
More than two points, if you continue to use, usually run a few thousand kilometers are no big problem, but if not a long time to replace, then not only the brake disc may be due to direct contact with metal pad and scrapped, but also easily lead to brake failure.
3. When the brake pads are contaminated with large areas of grease;
4. When the brake pads are abnormally worn or broken.
Which is abnormal wear or fracture of the brake we can easily understand, but in the case of oil pollution on the issue, because the brake pads themselves from a variety of materials mixed in the process of high-pressure manufacturing, the number of different molecular materials there will be a little Of the gap, once the large area of oil infiltration, it is easy to lead to the whole block of the molecular structure of the brake pad changes, resulting in brake pads slip, reduce the strength even brittle.
Of course, there is a need to emphasize to you that the simple observation of the appearance of the brake pads can not accurately determine the wear of the brake pads, because the brake structure exists inside and outside the two, so we usually only see the external brake pads Wear and can not know the situation of the brake pads. A more professional approach is to remove the wheel, with a ruler to measure the thinnest brake pads have been worn to the allowable range.

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