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Replace The Brake Disk Of Front Wheel Drive Cars


Replacing a Brake Disk, also known as a rotor on a fron […]

Replacing a Brake Disk, also known as a rotor on a front wheel drive, is considered a relatively simple task for the owner. First of all, for safety reasons, lift the car's wheels and brackets. Do not work in the car, but only on the jack. Remove the wheels. Now to replace the brake disc, you must remove the caliper. Locate the caliper fitting bolts, screws or clips, secure the caliper in place and remove it.

Next, remove the calipers from the center of the wheel upright. The caliper should be lifted evenly, not one end. It may be necessary to slightly expand the brake pads for easy disassembly. This can be done by gently prying the caliper assembly outwards by using a pry bar. Bind the caliper with a rope or wire. Do not let it hang on the brake hose.

Unplug the caliper and remove the brake disc. Many front-wheel drive vehicles are equipped with a simple brake disc that slides out of the lugs. Some discs are fixed by two or three screws. Several cars need more work. The nut of the drive shaft may need to be disassembled and need to remove the three or four bolts that secure the disk / hub assembly from the inside. The components can then be separated to remove the disc. On most rear-wheel drive vehicles, the front wheel assembly is held in place by wheel bearings. These bearings must be removed to remove the disc from the hub assembly.

Reinstalling the new disc will be the opposite of disassembly. If the removal of the hub bearing needs to be cleaned and repackaged. Please re-install the brake pads. When replacing a disc, it is recommended to use a new brake pad. Check the brake level in the master cylinder and thoroughly test the brakes before driving.

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