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1.How long is the run-in period after replace the new b […]

1.How long is the run-in period after replace the new brake pad? 
After install the brake pad, braking system can be normal brake after using several times. No matter new or repair replacement brake pads, please pay attention to the initial braking effect. Under normal circumstances, the adaptation of the brake pad should not require a long time. But if the poor machining precision of break pad, which will affect braking effect in a certain period of time. If the brake block, brake drum surface in a bad condition, will affect the break-in.
2.What’s the reason for brake shivering? How to prevent?
1) Due to deformation of brake disc and brake drum. Be relation with material, machining accuracy, using thermal deformation.
2) When brake pads braking, the vibration frequency and the suspension system resonance.
3) Friction system is not stable, on the high side.
3.What’s the suitable rated friction coefficient?Any consequences if too high too low?
The standard provisions of the state for brake pad friction coefficient is between 0.35 to 0.45.Qualified brake pads is moderate and stable friction coefficient. If the coefficient of friction is lower than 0.35, the braking will exceed safe braking distance and even braking failure. If the friction coefficient is higher than 0.45, the brake suddenly easily lock, a rollover accident will happen.
4.How to check the status of the brake disc surface?
To make sure whether the friction disk surface scratch, groove, up and down, crack, or any pollution.
Friction disk surface condition will directly affect the braking effect (contact area, scratch the brake pad and so on)
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