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Only know that the replacement of brake pads, then you are dangerous!


The importance of the brake system is not to say here, […]

The importance of the brake system is not to say here, after years of safety education of the owners of the owners, most owners are aware of the time to replace the brake pads (brake friction plate) and brake oil (brake fluid) But this will ensure that the brake system work?

What we have neglected

Brake, the brake master cylinder through the brake fluid to promote the four-wheel brake cylinder, brake cylinder brake pad to drive the brakes, in order to achieve braking. So, the brake cylinder as an important implementing agency, whether we ignore its status?

Brake cylinder piston has corrosion, piston dust cover has been broken, brake caliper piston cylinder wall has been rusty, brake caliper guide pin has rust ... ...

Why is there such a situation? There are three common causes:
1. Long-term replacement of brake oil, brake oil can easily absorb moisture in the air, water, brake cylinder piston to rust.
2. Cylinder piston dust cover due to aging or corrosion rupture, resulting in dust and other causes of wear between the piston and cylinder wall.
3. Wading too much, or snow chemicals and other chemical corrosion of metal parts and rust.

Ignoring the condition of the brake calipers can lead to problems
1. Cylinder piston rust will return to bad, resulting in the brakes do not need to brake still fit in the brake disc, may lead to overheating of the wheel or brake pads abnormal wear and tear.
2. Cylinder piston rust after poor movement, resulting in extended braking time. In an emergency, the 0.1 second braking time determines the safety or otherwise.
3. Brake caliper guide pin corrosion, may lead to brake pads partial grinding, thereby reducing braking performance.
4. Cylinder piston poor movement, brake cylinder piston and the impact of the brake pads produce noise, or brake pads and brake disc half-contact issued a "giggle" sound.

How to maintain brake calipers

Maintenance of the brake caliper, the majority of repair shops do not have this item, especially the 4S shop can only be replaced by brake caliper assembly approach. For the repair shop, the braking system has a good depth of profit maintenance prospects, many vehicles have this demand.

It is recommended that the vehicle be serviced once every 20,000 km. Replace the damaged cylinder piston piston dust cover, with non-corrosive metal cleaning agent cleaning brake pads, brake discs and other components, and lubrication brake caliper guide pin and cylinder piston, some auto parts manufacturers also launched for this project The brake system repair kit.

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