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Non-asbestos organic type brake pads


Abbreviation: NAO-type brake pads, brake pads to fundam […]

Abbreviation: NAO-type brake pads, brake pads to fundamentally solve the environmental issues, heat failure, noise and wear problems, NAO-type brake pads were put on the agenda. Brake pads made of this material mainly use glass fibers, aromatic polyester fibers and other fibers such as carbon or ceramic as the reinforcing material.
From the material point of view, asbestos brake pads only need 5-7 kinds of base mixture can be, and NAO brake pads in order to achieve the same effect, you need more mixture as an alternative, the use of materials to meet or even exceed Of the 17 species, including our well-known fiberglass, carbon, ceramic, and so on, of course it is also very difficult to reduce the manufacturing cost to the level of the "half-metal" brake pad.
After several changes, NAO brake pads, as an alternative, already have their own manufacturing specifications. Different friction material formulations will make NAO brake pads show completely different final results. The better the material, the less thermal damage occurs after repeated brakes, and the better wear and noise control. Early NAO brake pads met only part of the requirements, but today's products have been able to do longer than asbestos-type brake pads, more durable than "half-metallic" brake pads, but also help extend the brake disc Service life.

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