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It is Time to Change the Brake Pads


You ride the regular weekend to see how many speed reco […]

You ride the regular weekend to see how many speed records you can break (at least in your own mind) while soaring the biggest hills you can find. You live in the feel of climbing top, and then roll up to get as much speed as possible, even don't think your brakes may not work. You've never thought that your brakes don't work because they haven't let you down.

Fortunately, your brakes will work most of the time, but a simple cycle maintenance program will help you make sure they always do. Let's move on and focus on the brake pads of your bike; especially when they become worn, the best way to change them.

Your pads need to be replaced by following indications

You can use the following techniques to determine if your pads need to be replaced. If you try to use the brake when you hear the grinding noise, then your gasket has been ground to the stage without any remaining objects. The additional item that you should observe on the pad is a groove cut into rubber along its length.

Whenever you rub between two objects (the brake pads and the rims), you produce quite a bit of heat. The main function of the tank is to get rid of the heat as efficiently as possible. If you see that your gaskets no longer have grooves when checking the brakes, then you know it's time to change them. Let's suppose for further inspection, you can see that your pads almost worn down to metal. Change for new.

Simple brake pad replacement step

Switching your brake pads is actually a simple and easy process. It's really easy to loosen the screws you want to remove on each pad (or, in some cases, a small hexagon bolt). Once the screw (or six angle bolt) is loose, the cushion can be pulled out correctly. Install new pads in reverse order so that we can do away with old Brake Pads. Using the cushion, you can re-tighten the fastening screws and re-put into use.

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