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In those years the problem of car brakes large inventory


1. vehicle brake deviation In other words is the brake […]

1. vehicle brake deviation
In other words is the brake deviation situation, the owner to brake the brake force will be larger side of the side while smaller, it will obviously feel the car sent to the disk to the side of the shift! Once discovered the problem, we must immediately to deal with!

2. the car brake abnormal sound
Brake noise is because the car when driving the brakes, brake pads issued by the sharp metal friction sound, especially in the rain and snow days, repeated, usually brake noise is due to thin brake pads make the back plate to the brake disc , Or brake pad material is relatively poor result!
Once the brake noise may be the first time to monitor the thickness of the brake, when you see the thickness of the brake was significantly thinner, the owner may be ready to replace. If the brake thickness is no problem, you can try to step on the foot brake to alleviate the abnormal sound situation!

3. car brake foot
Encounter such a situation when the early detection and replacement of brake discs, to prevent the brake disc is not caused by traffic accidents!

4. the car brakes harden
Brake hardening is also due to vacuum booster failure caused by the brake without help! Once the above situation can not be too careless, as soon as possible to the repair shop to repair!

5. the car brakes become soft
The brake is soft braking force is weakened, this failure is generally 3 reasons: First, the cylinder or the master cylinder oil pressure is not enough, there may be oil leakage; Second, the brake failure, for example, brake And brake disc; Third, the brake pipe into the air, if the brake pedal height will continue to increase a few feet, there will be elastic, indicating that the brake pipe which into the air!

6. car brake jitter
Excessive loss of the car which, the brake disk surface flatness will lose some degree of standard, if that is the case, or to the regular maintenance plant to repair the car brakes to be polished, or directly to be a replacement, Usually high-car age of the car prone to such a situation!

7. the car brake travel in the variable length
This situation is due to long-term replacement of brake oil, brake system which has air, or brake pads thinner and other factors can be early to go to the 4S shop to be a test!
These are the small series for everyone to bring those years of car brakes problems inventory, I hope you like it.

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