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In addition to the need to wear out the new car brake pads have to run


Brakes, also known as "brake shoes" or "brake skin", al […]

Brakes, also known as "brake shoes" or "brake skin", although the volume is small, but it affects the distance of the last few meters, the brake is called active safety system is the most basic and most important wearing parts , Each time the brake pedal brake pads will wear once, when the wear to the limit position must be replaced, otherwise it will reduce the braking effect, and even cause a security risk.

Brake pads are generally checked once every 5,000 km, 3-4 million km replacement time, if found less than 3 mm thickness when you need to replace the replacement of the new brake pads does not mean that the braking effect becomes better, and small series in the 4S Shop often see some cars for brake pads, but the braking force worse, this is not because of the quality of the brake pads, and because the new brake pads need to go through a run-in period to play the greatest braking effect.

Many of my friends will ask, change the brake pads also need to run? Installed on the new is not on the list? In fact, really is not the case, Xiao Bian This talk with you why brake pads need to run after replacement.

Brake discs are divided into disc brakes and drum brakes, the material generally includes resin brake pads, powder metallurgy brake pads, carbon composite brake pads, ceramic brake pads; brakes and brake discs in use for some time after the wear and tear, the two The contact surface will be a lot of rugged, brakes and brake pads so close contact with the uneven, this contact is somewhat similar to the bite between the gears, this time, the brake pads and brake pads contact area has remained the largest, Braking ability is relatively strong.

Put on a new brake pads, the brake surface is relatively flat, and the brake disc on the contact surface is very uneven, then there will be similar to "a piece of soap on the laundry board" phenomenon. The contact area between them is very small, but also in the brakes, brake pads deformation is very large, as if with great pressure soap, the edge of the washboard is very hard, so that the contact surface of soap deformation, this time, It will produce the so-called "brake live" phenomenon, therefore, for a new brake pads need to run about, so that brake pads and brake pads increase the contact area between, play a better braking effect.

Under normal circumstances, the new brake pads need to run 200 km in order to achieve the best braking effect, although the 4S shop in the replacement brake pads after the test, the initial simple run-in look, after the completion of the trial will inform the owner about the brakes Note, however, 4S shop can not test 200 km long, more running or the owners themselves to complete,
and now teach a few small ways to teach you:

After the completion of the installation, find a good place to start a small car running-in;

To accelerate the car to 100 km / h;

Light on the brakes to moderate power brake speed down to about 10-20 km / h speed;

Release the brakes to drive a few kilometers to the brake disc, the film a little cooling temperature;

Repeat steps 2-4 above at least 10 times;


In every 100 to 10-20km / h of the brakes, do not strictly require each need a very accurate speed, accelerated to about 100km / h can start the braking cycle;

When you brake to 10-20km / h, there is no need to keep an eye on the speedometer, just keep your eyes looking road, to ensure that attention to road safety, about each brake cycle, brake to almost 10-20km / h on Can be;

The new brake shoes running method is to try to use sub-point brake to brake, do not run before the good use of brakes, running-in must be careful when driving, to avoid accidents.

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