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How to self-test check the brake pads?


   Listen to sound    If the light brake at the same ti […]

   Listen to sound
   If the light brake at the same time accompanied by "iron rub iron," the slightest sound, this time the brake pads must be replaced immediately. Because the limit on both sides of the brake pads have been directly friction brake discs, that brake pads have exceeded the limit. In this case, in the replacement of the brake pads at the same time with the brake disc to check, there is often the sound of the brake disc has been damaged.
   Look at the thickness
   The total thickness of a new brake pad is generally about 1.5cm, when the brakes of the brake to reach 0.3mm (not including the thickness of the iron Oh), it must be replaced. With the use of continuous friction will gradually thinning the thickness. When the thickness of the brake pad has been visually observed only about 2/3 of the original thickness (about 1cm). The owner will increase the frequency of self-test, ready to replace the.
Feel the intensity of
   When the owner on the road driving brakes, if you feel very hard, there is always a soft feeling, often need to step on the brakes deeper to achieve the previous braking effect, it is possible that the basic friction has been lost friction , This time must be replaced, otherwise it will lead to serious accidents.
    Look at the warning light
   Owners can also be on the dashboard brake warning light is lit as the brake should not be based on the judge. But need to pay attention to is that some high-end cars will have brake warning lights. And in general the brake alarm line only before the brake pads have. When the warning light is on, it is quite dangerous. Because this warning system is a direct sense of the thickness of the brake pads, and some are in the brake pads have been completely finished, the brake oil so extreme decline, will make the warning light.
In general, a pair of brake pads with 3-5 million kilometers is no problem, then after the service life.

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