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How to Replace Your Motorcycle Brake Pads


Removing the old rear Brake pads  from the motorcycle i […]

Removing the old rear Brake pads  from the motorcycle is a quick job, and anyone can do some research on their own lane. The description between the different motorcycles will be slightly different, but the general steps are the same.

The optional step before starting to replace the motorcycle brake pads is to place the motorcycle on the stand. There are various types of brackets that can support motorcycles, including the front bracket, rear bracket, and support the entire bike. Although no position is needed, motorcycle maintenance is easier. The first step is to remove the caliper from the car. Most motorcycles have two or more bolts that can be removed with a socket wrench. Loosen the bolts and slide the caliper from the rotor. The brake pads are fixed in the caliper by means of a fixing pin that needs to be disassembled. This is usually done by a hexadecimal drive or a Phillips screwdriver, depending on the model of the motorcycle. Loosen the pin and pull it out, then you can remove the brake pads.

Then once the old brake pad is discarded, the brake piston should be cleaned with an aerosol brake cleaner sprayer. This eliminates dust and dust from the old brake pads. Once the piston is clean, push it back in place. Make sure to press both pistons and use pressure evenly. A push of a piston will cause another piston to pop up and the brake fluid will overflow. When the piston is pushed back in place, a new brake pad can be installed. They only need to slip back to the caliper. Make sure that the brake pad mounting holes are aligned with the holes in the caliper. Reinsert the retaining pin with the caliper and secure it to secure the brake pad in place. Then, the two brake pads are separated by simply separating them from each other. This produces a gap suitable for the rotor.

Finally, slide the caliper back onto the brake rotor and tighten all the bolts. Once everything is tightened tightly, the rear brake pedal should be pumped several times to build the hydraulic pressure. Once this pressure is established, the new brake pads can be used.

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