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How to identify fake brakes?


1, see product packaging and certification Regular manu […]

1, see product packaging and certification
Regular manufacturers of brake pads, packaging and printing more clearly, with a permit number, the specified coefficient of friction, the implementation of standards, the box is a certificate, production batch number, production date, so to check the product packaging is intact, security Logo and packaging logo and the logo on the brake pads are consistent, whether the product model and the contents of the certificate match. If the packaging is simple, incomplete information or not, or even "three no" products, we must take into account. In addition, whether it is disc brakes or drum brakes, manufacturers are strictly defined its thickness, the owner can measure their own.
2, compare the price is reasonable
The market price of the brake pads from tens to hundreds of months, and businesses are in the sale of the original emphasis, in addition to price differences, for the quality difference, businesses are well aware. Two brakes can be said that the size of the shape of the same, but their price difference of 3 times as much. Therefore, a sub-price goods, is indeed a judge the quality of things the quality of the standard, as long as the market price lower than the outrageous, it must be poor quality.
3, observe the appearance of brake pads
High-quality brake pads in the brake pads on the friction material with the special ratio, and the appearance of looking full of color, there will be a smooth touch, not easy to paint, work well. Informal In order to reduce costs, free work, the production will be a lot of cheap use of metal debris, the color may be red, the surface or has been the phenomenon of oxidation, red matter is the saying goes rust.
4, see the brake pads friction coefficient
Brake pads are too high or too low will affect the braking performance, especially in the high-speed driving in the emergency braking, the friction coefficient is too low will appear brake is not sensitive, the friction coefficient is too high there will be tire lock phenomenon. According to the SAE standard, the brake friction plate will use the FF rated coefficient, that is, the friction rated coefficient of 0.35 ~ 0.45. In addition, according to national standards, brake friction plate suitable working temperature of 100 ~ 350 ℃, poor temperature reached 250 ℃ when the friction coefficient will be a sharp decline, failure.

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