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How to determine whether the need to replace the brake pad


   1, listen to the sound    If the brake is accompanie […]

   1, listen to the sound
   If the brake is accompanied by a clamor (also possible), the brakes must be replaced immediately when the brake pads are installed at the beginning of the installation. Because the limit on both sides of the brake pads have been directly friction brake discs, that brake pads have exceeded the limit.
   In this case, in the replacement of the brake pads at the same time to meet the brake disc check, there is often the sound of the brake disc has been damaged, there scratches, even if the replacement of the new brake pads still can not eliminate the sound, Replace the brake disc.
   In addition, some bad quality of the brake pads in a hard point, this will produce abnormal sound, the general situation of such abnormalities will be worn out after a period of time to disappear.
   2, usually on the instrument panel brake disc warning light is lit as the brake should not be based on the judge
   Normally, the indicator light is off, when the brake disc failure or excessive wear, the light is lit, after the repair off. When the warning light is on, the brake disc has been worn to the limit, the braking effect has been reduced, greatly affecting the traffic safety, therefore, we recommend regular inspection of the brake disc wear to see if it can use, and do not just believe the warning light.
   3, look at the thickness
   Most brake disc products have a wear indicator, that is, in the disk will be distributed on the three small pits. The depth of the pit with the vernier caliper is 1.5mm. In other words, the total wear depth of the brake disc double-sided to 3mm, when the following figure shows the quasi-wear and complete wear and tear, we recommend the timely replacement of the brake disc.
   Of course not all of the brakes have wear indicators. We can use your fingers in the extension of the edge of the child can touch to determine the approximate depth of the. In general, if the brake disc double-sided total wear depth of 3mm, it should promptly replace the brake disc.
   In addition, when the two sides of the brake disc (drum) using different brands of different specifications, resulting in different friction effects, resulting in different braking effects on both sides, will lead to brake deviation, poor braking effect and braking distance far from the adverse consequences. It is recommended both sides of the coaxial brake pads (hoof) at the same time to replace, to ensure the same braking effect.

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