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How do we judge the quality of the brake pads


If the quality of the brake pads is poor, or if the dri […]

If the quality of the brake pads is poor, or if the driving conditions cause the brake pads to wear too quickly, how do we judge?

A. brake wear warning lights

Most of the cars are equipped with brake wear warning lights to remind owners to replace brake pads in time. Friend who cares for the car should go to the four son shop to find the master at first. If he is afraid of the master pit, we can also check him. Take a look at the degree of wear, if the brake pads can save less than 5mm can consider replacing, 2mm or so began to wear out particularly fast, is a very dangerous thickness range! The best thing to do is to replace the light. Don't drag it.

B. listen to the brake sound

Some cars do not have brake pad wear warning lights, but there is a metal dark needle in the brake pads. After being worn to a certain degree, the needles will come into contact with the brake discs. The brake pads should be replaced. The brake pads must not be allowed to continue to be consumed. The brake discs can be broken by thousands of pieces!

C. routine inspection

Under normal driving conditions, the brake pads must be replaced every 5,000 kilometers to inspect not only the remaining thickness, but also the condition of the wear of the shoes. Whether the wear of the shoes is the same or not, whether the return is comfortable, etc. The situation must be dealt with immediately and the brakes must not be replaced until the friction material is worn out.

D. use brake response judgment

This is the old driver's exclusive skills. A car has been driving for a long time. The sensory memory of the car can help us determine if the brake pads need to be replaced. The old driver knows about the brakes, but of course we don't know the driver. Check it, this is not allowed!



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