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Have you noticed five symptoms of brake failure?


Braking system, is an important unit of the car, brake […]

Braking system, is an important unit of the car, brake system failure, will be a direct threat to vehicle safety and life safety. In the daily driving process, if you encounter the following types of braking problems, you need to be more careful!

1 brake noise
This sound is mainly the brake pads and brake disc friction sound. Many owners will find that there is a distinct abnormal sound when they just wash the car or just hit the brakes after it rains. This is due to the brake disc fever, shrinkage, resulting in the normal phenomenon.

However, if the brake noise has been there, it may be thinning of the brake pads, brake pads on the back plate, brake pads harden. So when this phenomenon occurs first check the thickness of brake pads to avoid accidents.
2 brake deviation
This phenomenon is more serious. Brake deviation phenomenon is the owner of the steering wheel on the brakes when there is a significant deflection to the side. The main reason for this situation is that the brake pad partial wear or brake sub-pump problems. Especially at high speed is extremely dangerous, so once this phenomenon needs to go to the repair shop inspection.

3 brakes harden
This phenomenon is more common. Now the car brake booster system mostly vacuum booster. When the vacuum booster failure or frequent brake on the brake resulting from no help, stepping on like a brick. Say such a big problem, that small not small, it is not at ease to go to the repair station inspection.

4 brake pedal travel longer
Brake pedal travel longer Simply put that before you can step on the brake, the trip becomes longer need to step in the end to work. The main reason may be the brake system into the air, lack of brake oil, there is leakage, caused by severe wear brake pads. This phenomenon requires timely maintenance workshop inspection.

5 Bounce on the brakes
This phenomenon manifests itself when the brake pedal is pressed and bounces off the top foot. The reason for the brake disc, brake surface uneven, steel ring deformation. It is recommended to first check the brake disc surface, in addition, the brake fluid is changed every two years, all contribute to the maintenance of brake system function.

Above, there are several common symptoms of brake failure. If the above problems occur, you need to open your car to the garage inspection check, if necessary, the best replacement of good quality ceramic brake pads to reduce the risk of potential problems.

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