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Early wear phenomenon of automobile brake


The top ceramic products of automobile brake pad have t […]

The top ceramic products of automobile brake pad have the most stable friction coefficient, reduce thermal decay, improve product impact strength, super strong wear resistance, sensitive braking, and no harm to duality, etc. three characteristics. The ceramic formula is better to overcome, or the wear-resistant brake effect is poor, or the brake is good, but it is not wearable. Many characteristics of super wear-resistant ceramic brake brake accessories do not wear, a very important reason is that withstand high temperature, brake process, instantaneous temperature reaches 200-500 degrees from 200-500 degrees high temperature, brake accessories material will be carbonization, thermal decomposition, thermal decay caused by the braking effect is reduced, the brake pads burn the candle, the wear is usually 3-5 times, seriously affect the service life of the brake pad. And ceramic fiber can withstand the high temperature of 800 degrees, effectively restraining the "hot wear", so it is very strong and wear-resistant. The brake sensitive ceramic formula brake disc accessories are made up of ceramic fiber, filler material without iron, and imported resin as adhesive. The accessories of ceramic brake disc make the friction surface of the dual (hub) smooth, bright and contact area big, so the braking force is strong, the brake is stable and sensitive. Not to hurt the dual ceramic brake accessories stable friction coefficient, small fluctuation, not locking the wheels during braking, prolong the using time of tire, brake accessories made of ceramic metal containing filler material prepared, because no metal, so don't hurt (less) dual parts (brake hub). The car owners often reflect that the brake disc is not wearable, which is actually an early wear phenomenon.

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