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Different Ways Of The Motorcycle Brake Pads


Motorcycle Brake Pads are not one of the most exciting […]

Motorcycle Brake Pads are not one of the most exciting components of a motorcycle - most drivers pay more attention to "walking" than "parking". But more and more people realize the importance of motorcycle brake pads.

The sixties and seventies of the twentieth century motorcycle brake pads began to widely used, and has become the industry standard. The disc brake system has two main components that allow them to stop - the rotor, a disc mounted firmly on the wheels that rotate with it, the gasket mounted on the caliper, clamped on the rotor to slow down, and finally stop the wheel.

Due to the clamping force between the stationary pad and the rotating disc, the bicycle is slowed down, resulting in a large amount of friction between the pad and the rotor. What is the friction that prevents the bike, but it also determines how the bike stops - for example, the softer organic mat will have a more linear, progressive brake feel when the pressure is applied, and the more aggressive metal sintered mat will "bite" The rotor is harder to brake the maximum braking pressure as quickly as possible. Both will stop the bike, but because of the nature of the compound they make, they are carried out in different ways.

In addition, since the motorcycle brake pads are caused by contact between the pad and the rotor, the material they are made must work together. For example, an active sintered mat will fit perfectly with a hard stainless steel rotor, but when it is paired with a cast iron rotor, it will chew through it in a few weeks. (Most rotors have stainless steel that can handle corrosive sintering mats, but if you run a soldor made of cast iron or any other item, be sure to consult the manufacturer for which pad to use.

So we classified the motorcycle brake pads. There are basically three types of pads: organic, sintered (also known as metal) and ceramic. However, there are some semi-sintered or semi-metal pad combinations of organic and sintered pad elements in order to create an intermediate ground between the two.

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