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Different Vehicles Have Unwanted Brake Rotors


There are usually two types of brake rotors or brake di […]

There are usually two types of brake rotors or brake discs, solid or ventilated brake rotors. Solid brake rotor, as the name suggests, is a solid disk. Ventilation Brake The rotor is the middle of the two plates connected by the blade or lining structure. The purpose of the blade is to provide more cooling and cooling of the brake.

Normally, only the front brake rotors of the car is equipped with a ventilation brake rotor. The reason is because most of the work to stop the movement is done through the front brake. The front brakes are more likely to overheat in heavy duty brake applications, which is why the ventilated front rotor is important. The rear brake is usually made of a drum or solid disc, as this is the proper configuration of the rear brake. Not to mention - it is more cost-effective. This is not to say that the rear brake rotor does not exist or people do not use them - there are sports cars and more top vehicles have front and rear exhaust disc brakes.

According to the application of the vehicle, there are different types of brake rotor blade design. Some blade designs may be more effective than other designs, but they all contribute to providing a purpose - to provide better cooling and braking performance. Straight, radial or non-curved rotor blades - This type of blade design is the most popular in brake rotors and is widely used in general braking applications such as daily, street driving. These brake rotors are lighter in weight because they require less material (compared to a curved rotor) than a solid rotor, but with better cooling capacity. However, compared with other rotor blade designs, there are other designs with better cooling and performance capabilities.

The brake rotor used for the racing car is usually heavier than the straight blade rotor because more material is used for curved blades. With more material, the curved blades have better heat capacity and are better able to withstand larger braking applications. Some other curved blades are designed to be variable curved blades or convergent blade rotors.

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