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Choose a new brake pad


First of all to check whether the brand-new brake pads […]

First of all to check whether the brand-new brake pads are genuine parts, product packaging integrity, security signs and packaging logo and the identity of the brake pads, the product model is consistent with the content of the certificate. Before lifting the vehicle, cover the brake oil should be opened first, the tire screw should be loose angle. If using simple jack support, jack should be good, and do not change the brake pads to replace the wheel. Remove the tire, loosen the clamp body fastening screw, and check the screws and pliers to slide the guide bar, remove the sediment and oil, and lubricate. The old brake removed, check the brake disc wear, whether it played ditch worse. Severe wear and tear should be replaced with a new brake disc, the cycle of 8-12 million kilometers, otherwise it will speed up the replacement of brake pads worn, and the direction of braking jitter, braking force is too small.

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