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Ceramics Brakes Prevent The Braking Effect From Attenuating


Ceramis brakes are not an ordinary ceramic, but in 1700 […]

Ceramis brakes are not an ordinary ceramic, but in 1700 degrees high temperature carbon fiber and silicon carbide synthesis of reinforced composite ceramic. Ceramic brake discs can be effective and stable resistance to thermal recession, the heat resistance than ordinary brake discs many times higher The weight of the ceramic plate is less than half the average cast iron plate, and the lighter brake disc means the weight of the suspension. This allows the suspension system to react more quickly, thus improving the overall level of control of the vehicle. In addition, the ordinary brake discs are prone to thermal recession due to high heat under full braking, and ceramic brake discs are effective and stable against heat decay, and their heat resistance is many times higher than that of ordinary brake discs.

Ceramics brakes in the initial phase of the brake can produce the greatest braking force, so even without the need to increase the braking system, and the overall braking faster than the traditional braking system, the distance is shorter, in order to resist high fever, in the brake piston and brake pads Ceramic insulation between the ceramic discs have extraordinary durability, if the normal use is life-free replacement, and ordinary cast iron brake discs generally use a few years to replace.

The latest brake discs are made of reinforced ceramics that are widely used in aerospace and aerospace engineering. The ceramic combines diamond-like hardened abrasives and high-strength carbon fibers into the base material, effectively absorbing the inherent pressure. The application of high-tech materials has brought the overall superiority, in which the ceramic brake disc anti-corrosion performance is most significant, the brake disc will not have any signs of rust.

In addition, the dynamic appearance, unique cooling hole style and red brake calipers, have added a lot of compelling fashion fun. Ceramic brake system applications also greatly improve the braking performance of the car, even if the vehicle reached the maximum speed, the ceramic brake disc can still provide a strong braking force. In general, in the long-distance cross-country travel repeated use of the brake device, will lead to significant loss of braking force, and ceramic brake disc can effectively prevent the occurrence of braking force attenuation.

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