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Brakes are often ignored, not to mention that you know when to change


Many car people do not know when to change their brakes […]

Many car people do not know when to change their brakes, and even brake pads do not know Gesha!

In the automotive brake system, the brake is a very critical safety components. For the braking effect is good or bad, but the brake skin plays a decisive role!

Brake pads, also called brake pads, are composed of steel plates, insulation layers and friction blocks. The friction blocks are gradually worn away by friction. When they are worn to a certain extent (about 0.5 cm), they need to be observed, To see if you need to put on a new brake pads.

By type, there are brake discs for disc brakes, drum brakes, brake shoes, big trucks to make films. According to material can be divided into asbestos (out), semi-metal, less metal, ceramic brake pads.

The replacement of the brake pads without hard conditions, as a wear parts, and the driver's driving style is closely related. In general, a brake pads support a 100,000 km are not a problem. If the usual habit of severe, excessive use of brakes, it may be less than 5 km on the inspection checks to see if the brake pads need to be replaced.

Brake wear is not difficult to judge, you can start from the following three points:

1. see the thickness

The new brake thickness is generally about 1.5cm, with the daily friction loss, when the visual observation of the thickness of the brake pads is only a new 1/3, you need to increase the frequency of inspection, ready to put on a new brake pads. Brake leather will have raised on both sides of the small signs, when the brake skin flush with it (2-3mm), it shows that has reached the limit, and must be renewed.

2. listen to the sound

If the brake shoes to wear to the limit, the brake is the "iron with iron" friction between, there will be "hissing" sound, then brake pads must be replaced immediately. Of course, there is a situation that the new brake shoes run-in, may also be "hissing" sound. Has been "iron mill" case, the new brake pads, but also to check whether the brakes are damaged.

3. with the feet experience

Brake foot feeling is also a direct way to feel the state of the brake, as the owner, certainly not on their own car brake foot feel strange. If you feel the brakes than before soft, or brake not live, it is likely that brake pads have been life soon, be sure to carefully check to avoid provoking some trouble, accidents.

Replace the brakes recommended to 4S shop, or regular service store to purchase, replace, compare the quality can be guaranteed. In the purchase can not seek cheap, after all, you pay for. Buy substandard products, security is not guaranteed, may be worth the candle!

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