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Brake was scratched reasons


Car brake system has always been the most concerned abo […]

Car brake system has always been the most concerned about riders car system, it affects the riders driving safety. So every time a new car arrives, we are most concerned about the problem of car brakes, if our brakes were scratched how to rule out why?
Brake was scratched when the reasons:
① raw material problems: taking into account the brake pad formula in the proportion of mineral fiber is not added, so the slag in the mine scrape the ball should be very small. Secondly, the hardness of the slag ball in the mineral fiber should not be enough to scratch the brake disc, but the slag ball is prone to noise.
② brake pad accessories brake pad will be drawn out to slot: some brakes have a warning film, when the brakes pad to the location of the alarm film, the brakes when the warning film will produce friction with the brake pads, and issued a sound to prompt the owner of the change Brake pads If the owner did not care about the noise, let the alarm film and brake pad grinding, then the brake pad will be scratched.
③ installation problems led to gnawing brake disc slot. Brake pad if the installation is not flat, resulting in one or all of the long contact with the brake pads, brake pads and brake pads will cause long-term high temperature friction, in this case, prone to brake disc is chewed slot, and there will be a lot of slots , Not one or two slots, this situation easily appear on the rear brake.
Brake pads for easy scratching problems, we need to know more, after all, the brake system is the last car security, when problems arise we need to focus on the top priority, the process of car maintenance We also have to focus on maintaining the brake system.

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