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Brake the purchase strategy


Brake pads are the parts that we need to change frequen […]

Brake pads are the parts that we need to change frequently because he is a very important part to protect our safety. If there is a problem with the brake pads, then we are likely to have a safety problem. Then we should pay attention to the brake pads some
What problems, following us to tell you about this issue.
1, before buying goods, please be sure to verify the car's car models, displacement and other information to ensure that the correct model to buy the accessories. You can check car care manuals, you can also use the car carefree network "self-care" feature.
2, the replacement of the front brake pads, front left and right wheels a total of 4 need to be replaced at the same time, after the brake pads empathy.
3, the car's brake system is divided into two major categories of disc and drum, but in addition to cost advantages, the efficiency of drum brake is far less than the disc brake.
4, replace the brake pads to use as much as possible with the old brake pads have the same material, of course, if we can do a new brake pads material is higher than the original one level is better. Change the brakes of different materials only to follow the following two principles in order to ensure its safety:
(1) try not to use NAO material to replace the semi-metallic brake pads;
(2) brake pads of replaceable asbestos materials of NAO materials;
5, the selection of high-quality brake pads, poor quality brake pads due to the material is too strong or too soft, braking brake disc will be worn, while generating large braking noise, the most important is not to provide the best vehicle braking force. In continuous braking or high-speed emergency braking, the brake force declines more serious, the surface material will shedding phenomenon, extend the braking distance, and may even cause brake failure. So for you and your family's happiness and safety, please choose genuine brake pads, for traffic safety protection.
This is the brakes in the purchase of the time to pay attention to the problem, hoping we can let you choose a brakes to protect our safety.

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