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Brake system maintenance precautions


   Brake system maintenance is very important, how can […]

   Brake system maintenance is very important, how can we better protect the system, the following talk with you about the summer maintenance of the brake precautions.
   1, clean, high-quality brake fluid is safe and the brake system is in good condition. You should always buy the best quality brake fluid on the market, if the brake fluid is dirty, let go and rinse the entire system, and then fill the main cylinder with new liquid. Brake oil should not be reused, and all brake fluid that has been removed from the system should be discarded.
   2, in the maintenance of brake system projects, regular inspection of the brake surface is the most important. At least once a month check, the number of times more on the better.
   3, inhalation of asbestos dust is very harmful to your health. With the dry brush or compressed air to remove the dust on the brake system will rise when the dust, because it is easy to contain asbestos fibers, so easy to damage health. Dust and dirt should be treated with a vacuum cleaner with asbestos, and dust should be used. If there is no vacuum cleaner, then in the maintenance of brake assembly should be in a well-ventilated place, and bring the identification of anti-virus respirator.
   As shown in Figure 4, before checking the brakes, carefully wipe the dirt on the main cylinder to avoid any dirt falling into the tank. Remove fasteners (usually pins) and covers. For the cylinder without the scale, should keep the liquid level from the cylinder head 6 mm, if there is a scale, as long as the liquid level than the scale can be a high. If the master cylinder needs to be refueled, add an overloaded brake oil that complies with the DOT3 or DOT4 specification.
   5, be careful not to brake liquid cheap in the paint, because it has a strong corrosive, will destroy the finish.
As shown in Figure 6, for a long period of time if the total lack of brake oil, and you always add, it is clear that your brake system is wrong, you should check it. The color of the brake oil will be a warning, the brake oil should not be too dark, it should not be like a burned look, if that is the case, then there is a problem, but this situation will not happen often.

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