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Brake Rotors Are Important Parts Of The Braking System


The disc brake uses a hydraulic piston to press the pad […]

The disc brake uses a hydraulic piston to press the pad together on the Brake Rotor. Brake rotor is an important part of the braking system. Together with calipers and gaskets, the rotor is one of the three main brake parts. Brake rotors are usually made of cast iron. But recently, the use of ceramics, carbon and other composites has emerged new innovations to enhance the efficiency and durability of discs, which is proof of the importance of the brake system rotor. But once again, the efficiency or durability of your rotor will depend on the type of driving they will experience.

It is generally recommended that you replace the brake rotors each time the brake pad is replaced. This is not the case when organic or semi-metallic brake pads are used primarily. The brake rotors will last two sets of brake pads, although the machine is always "recommended" every time the gasket is replaced, the rotor is turned or replaced. If the rotor is not machined or replaced, the new mat is forced to catch the rough, trough or corroded surface, which may prematurely wear the life of the mat. It is said that it must be pointed out that not all rotors can be actually processed. The Ministry of Transport has developed the guiding principle for the minimum thickness of the brake rotor. If the rotor is too thin after processing, it must be discarded.

The brake rotors may be corroded, worn, warped and grooved. Brake pulsation, especially at high speeds, is a good indicator of the possibility that the rotor may have to be changed. It is not uncommon for the brake rotor to undergo corrosion and to replace it before the brake pads. Most of the rotor is made of gray cast iron, and its grade depends on the metal compound. The high quality rotor should be at least SAE grade G3000 or more; this will help prevent the brake from fading and warping.

In short, the brake rotor is often referred to as a disc brake or plate, it is also an important part of the braking system, in order to obtain the best performance, it is recommended that you replace each brake pads. Brake rotors rarely pay attention, but they are one of the most important parts of your vehicle. Do not pay attention to these parts will likely lead to accidents.

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