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Brake pieces of several materials


   Small brake pads, the price of these brakes slightly […]

   Small brake pads, the price of these brakes slightly higher than the semi-metal, of course, some of the performance will be higher, this type of brake pads are mid-range, but in the eyes of consumers do not recognize, in fact, the cost of this brake is still very High, of course, consumers are difficult to distinguish the difference between this brake pads and semi-metal brakes so it is difficult to choose.
   Semi-metallic brakes, basically all the cars when the factory brake pads are this formula, of course, this brake is the cheapest drawings, this brake pad coefficient of friction is generally low friction coefficient of 0.38 shorter life expectancy, And some manufacturers to do this brake pads to the high coefficient of friction, of course, this is also prone to noise prone. General Japanese cars on the use of this brake is very easy to produce noise, of course, this is also inextricably linked with the brake disc.
   Aramid copper fiber brakes, this formula brake pads superior to the above two, of course, the price and performance is also high, good manufacturers will be in this formula to join the brake pads aramid (aramid made of body armor material Very hard). Kevlar price is also very high, in the case of copper and aramid greatly improved the life of the brake pads and braking performance,
   High-end ceramic brake pads: ceramic brakes are now on the market a lot, of course, there are counterfeit, different manufacturers to do the ceramic brakes are not the same, the performance is almost raw ceramic brake pads in the ceramic fiber of course, everybody. All know that the ceramic is very hard and wear-resistant, different manufacturers of ceramic brakes use the same raw materials are also led to the difference between the price of ceramic brakes (ceramic fiber 2 thousand -9 million price range) the price difference also led to the ceramic Fiber distinctions and differences, of course, this difference in the eyes of consumers can not tell, even if the manufacturers are difficult to distinguish only after use will know the quality of the better than poor. The real ceramic brake pads are also containing aramid fiber, in terms of service life and brake pads are far superior to the above formula brake pads. Of course, the price is more expensive!

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