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Brake pad user guide


1.The maintenance of brake pad before using Unopened br […]

1.The maintenance of brake pad before using Unopened brake pad before use should avoid direct sunlight, store in a cool and dry place When move the brake pad, avoid knock against, should be handle gently
2.The maintenance in the progress of replacement and installation for brake pad The hand with grease should not touch the friction material surface When use special tools for installing the break pad, avoid damage and deformation brake pad.
3.The maintenance of brake pad after using For 10000-20000 km should check the condition of brake pad When the thickness of the brake pad friction material nearly 3 mm needs to be changed in time Brake pad should not be used in a high temperature braking condition When braking abnormal sound, jitter, brake slant direction, should remove the brake pads, and check the brake system

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