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Brake Pad are Protective Gods for Cars


The brake pad is a component of an automotive brake sys […]

The brake pad is a component of an automotive brake system that actually provides the friction required to stop the vehicle. In a disc brake system, the brake pedal actuates a hydraulic line that squeezes the caliper on the rotor of the car tire. The gasket is located between the caliper and the rotor to absorb energy and heat, and then provide sufficient grip to stop the car.

The working principle of the brake is mainly from the friction, the use of brake pads and brake discs (drums) and tire and ground friction, the vehicle's kinetic energy into the friction after the heat, the car stopped. A well-established braking system must be able to provide a stable, adequate, controllable braking force, and has good hydraulic transmission and cooling capacity to ensure that the driver from the brake pedal force can be fully effective to the total pump And the sub-pump, and to avoid high heat caused by hydraulic failure and brake recession. Car brake system is divided into two types of disc and drum, but in addition to the advantages of cost, the drum brake is far less efficient than the disc brakes.

The brakes are initially made of organic ingredients such as asbestos and carbon and are held together by strong resin. The use of asbestos was eventually banned by the US government, but some non-metallic or organic versions were still sold. However, only vehicles designed for organic mats can use them.

Most of the brakes sold today are considered semi-metallic. Because they are mainly metal, they can last thousands of miles. The main drawback of its drive is the high incidence of grinding noise. This is largely unavoidable because the metal shavings must rub the steel rotor each time the brake is applied.

Brake pads are the most critical safety parts of the car's braking system. Because the braking effect is good or bad brake pads play a decisive role, so that good brake pads are the protection of God and the car. After the use of friction material to replace the brake pads, or steel plate and brake disc will be in direct contact, and ultimately will lose the braking effect and damage the brake disc.

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