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Brake Disk Converts Kinetic Energy Into Heat


Brake disk fixed to the wheel, with the wheel rotation […]

Brake disk fixed to the wheel, with the wheel rotation to the end of the plane for the friction surface, through the friction will be converted into thermal energy of the disc-shaped moving parts. Braking process is through the brake disc and brake friction will be kinetic energy into heat, and through the brake disc ventilation equipment to heat transfer to the air.

In all types of vehicle braking systems, the brake disk is a component in the vehicle braking system to create a force to prevent movement or movement of the vehicle. At present, all kinds of vehicles used by the brake are friction brakes, that is, to prevent the movement of the vehicle braking torque from the fixed element and rotating the friction between the surface. The role of the brake: the driving of the vehicle in accordance with the requirements of the driver to slow down or even stop. So that the vehicle has been stopped stability. So that the speed of the vehicle downhill is stable.

The main advantages of drum brake disk: brake shoe less wear, lower cost, easy maintenance. As the drum brake absolute braking force is much higher than the disc brakes, it is generally used for rear wheel brake truck. As the speed of the vehicle continues to increase, the total amount of vehicles is increasing, and the use of disc brakes with better braking heat stability is increasing.

The brake disk is a key component of the brake and plays a vital role in the safe form of a high-speed train. Brake discs are used for high-speed trains quite demanding friction brake parts. In recent years, useful composite materials as a brake disc material. Polymer materials, metals, ceramics and fiber composite with excellent overall performance of the new material, is the most rapid development of this century, one of the new materials. Composites have played a huge role in aviation, aerospace, transportation, infrastructure construction and other fields, as these areas of product performance improvement and upgrading of the key material. Composites made of composite materials, light weight, high strength, rigidity, is an ideal structural parts.

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