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Brake disc type so much difference in the end where


Vehicles in high-speed driving, encountered an emergenc […]

Vehicles in high-speed driving, encountered an emergency need to brakes, in case of brake failure or other reasons did not stop the consequences would be unthinkable, the braking system determines the safety of our traffic, how can we know that car owners know we can not brake Dare to drive, it is estimated that no one would dare to take the risk. As one of the most important part of the car, today we chatted about the brakes of those things, the brake system is divided into disc brakes and drum brakes, then these two brakes and what is different.

Drum brakes can be regarded as the first application of the brake system on the vehicle, the so-called "drum" is the brake drum, which is installed on the wheel and turn with the wheel. Brake drums are equipped with brake pads, in the brakes, the brake piston will be pushed out of the brakes and brake drum friction to achieve the effect of braking.

Drum brake structure is simple, low manufacturing costs, most of them are used in the rear wheels of vehicles. Drum brake is the biggest drawback of poor heat, because the brake working mechanism is enclosed in the brake drum, so the brake can not quickly dissipate the heat. As the brake drum brake action is out of the brake "top", the brake drum in the thermal expansion of the contact surface after the brake pads will become smaller, thus affecting the braking efficiency.

Disc brake is now the most widely used vehicle braking system. Brake disc with the wheel rotation, in the brakes, the brake caliper piston will drive the brakes to produce friction brakes, to achieve the braking effect. Compared with drum brakes, the biggest advantage of disc brakes is good heat dissipation, rapid response, the average braking force, good drainage, etc., because the entire brake mechanism is exposed, more conducive to heat dissipation.

Most vehicles now use front-vented disc brakes. Because most of these vehicles are very heavy weight to accelerate very quickly, the need for better braking effect, shorter braking distance and better drainage cooling effect.

Ventilated disc brakes, there are a lot of holes in the brake disc, the process of air flow in these holes in the shuttle, cooling and drainage effect. At the same time, relative to the solid disk, ventilated disk as a result of the removal of part of the disk, thus lighter weight, reduce the inertia of rotation, help to improve vehicle acceleration and braking performance.

Brake drums are used in vehicle rear wheels, brake discs for vehicle brakes, brake drums for vehicle parking, the advantage is to reduce the pressure on the brake calipers, the emergency situation can be dual-mode braking. The disadvantage is the structure is too complex, high cost.

Brake disc size will generally be large before and after the small. If the weight is too high and the braking force is the same, the front wheels need to be braked more than the rear wheels to ensure the balance of the vehicle. There are as big as before and after the brake disc, for example: BMW this partial movement and weight ratio of 50:50 vehicles.

Now many vehicles are four-wheel disc brakes, but there are still some vehicles with drum brakes. While the production car and some have used a more reliable punching disc brakes, scribe and ceramic brakes disc. But no matter what we use the brakes, we must know is that once the brake system is a problem, we must promptly deal with, to avoid as we drive on an insecurity.

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